Monday, 28 April 2008

A Weekend in Fife

I've just returned from a weekend in St Monans on the east coast of Scotland. It was my friend Yunmings hen weekend and all the girlie's had a fantastic time. We rented a cottage on the shore line called Sea Tangle which was perfect, and much wine was consumed. Its not often we get together so it makes times like these even more special. I even managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting on Sunday morning, sitting in the sunshine and listening to the waves - bliss!

On the making front I have been busy knitting lots of stock for the Drymen School fair on the 10th May. I'm also putting together knitting kits and writing patterns for my bunnies and hearts to sell.

I've tried this before with my friend Eileen being the pattern tester. I felt most of my creations after I knit them, however I wasn't keen to include this in my patterns as the felting process is difficult to control, and I would hate to think of somebodys hard work being ruined. I have revised my patterns so that no felting is involved. Hopefully I will have some kits ready before the 10th May. I will also be selling them on my Etsy site.

At last I have a flock of sheep! I've been working on these for a while now and am delighted with the results. So far I have made them in green, red, blue and cream. I thought it would be difficult to capture that vacant look sheep tend to have, hopefully I have done them justice!