Wednesday, 23 June 2010

All For A Good Cause

I feel a bit like one of the current 'Give Blood' adverts you see on TV. When I was having Lexie, certain complications resulted in me receiving 7 pints of blood. This made me realise how important it is to donate, a simple procedure can go wrong so you never know when you will be relying on the Blood Bank.

I felt great after my transfusion and still do so I guess the blood I received was top quality. A big thank you to whoever it was - certainly more than one person - all of you who donate can feel good about yourself!
Whilst I was in hospital an old school friend decided to cycle from Landsend to John O'Groats (from the bottom to the top of Great Britain) 1000 miles on a bike, sleeping under the stars at night - before the good weather arrived.
His aim is to raise a mere £1000 for CHAS (Childrens Hospice Association Scotland) and Radio Forths Cash for Kids, that's only £1 a mile. Have a look at his donation web site for a bit of background to his story.

If you are feeling generous why not donate a little cash, or a pint of blood -it's all for a good cause.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

My New Creation

Well here she is, exactly two weeks early -
Lexie Wallace Seaton born 2nd June 2010, 8lbs 11oz.

One of my best creations yet!