Monday, 31 March 2008

some new work in the sunshine

Today has been the long awaited first day of summer - it was even warm enough to go outside with just a t-shirt on! I also grabbed the chance to take a few pictures of some of my work in the garden, they always look better in natural light.

My new coffee pot cover has been more successful than my last tea cosy - the number of stitches and rows was a bit excessive and it didn't felt down to the size I wanted. However as we used to be told at college when we presented particularly bad work - it was a 'magnificent failure'.

I turned it on its head and made it into a bowl instead - it will be perfect for displaying my baby Baboo bunnies at any shows I'm doing this year. It also inspired me to try out another few knitted pots.

I suppose that's half the fun when you create your own patterns and designs - you never really know what you will get till you have finally finished the piece.


Anonymous said...

I love you're work!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Lynne. Love your coffee pot warmer.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sure Anne at Boho would love your work.
Best wishes, Aileen.x