Monday, 14 September 2009

Not Coming to A Shop Near You!

When is a Coffee Cosy not a Coffee Cosy?

When it's a door stop of course!

This door stop was commissioned by a lady I met at the Edinburgh Festival. She had just decorated her music room and needed a door stop to match. The shape of my coffee cosies did the trick so I made a simple insert which is full of rice and is ready to be posted.

Why write about the door stop? I'm sure I have mentioned before that one of the benefits from buying directly from a maker is you can get exactly what you want, not what the High Street thinks you need. You will not find my door stop on the high street - just in a lovely music room!

The gloves are a result of four very cold and wet days spent in Milngavie at the Book Festival. There is a certain degree of satisfaction from knitting these 'on the spot' whilst I was tending my stall. I'm planning to write up the pattern and make them into a knitting kit.

I have also decided to start putting together a monthly e-mail newsletter with some special offers, sneak peaks of new products and the odd hint and tip. If you would like to receive the My Baboo newsletter please e-mail the word 'News' to

I have finally caught up with myself after Edinburgh and Milngavie so it is now full on knitting for all my Christmas shows. I will be at the Logierait Market this Saturday (19th Sept), which will be my last visit there till next year as I will be elsewhere in October, so come along for some good Christmas Present ideas.

See you soon!


Lorna said...

Lovely idea for the door stop. Strewth, Christmas ideas already but I need to get cracking on that with my shop too.

Frances said...

Love the door stop, love the idea of one-off commisions, love the fingerless mits, and wish that I could spend more time knitting. Isn't is great to see where yarn will lead you? xo

Calico Kate said...

So useful to be able to make and sell at the same time isn't it. I geuss that you also get a lot more visitors coz you look 'interesting' and not bored and cold! The doorstop looks fab, I felt large stones as door stops but they are too heavy to post!

caireen said...

I love fingerless gloves - they are great for texting and taking photos, or cold days at the laptop! I'm sure these will do well - how about a pair of longer trendy ones? Cxxx