Monday, 24 May 2010

Lets Knit!

I was delighted to receive this months copy of Lets Knit! magazine in the post today (available at all major retailers!!) Especially as the last page is a feature on myself and My Baboo. It's a good article and I think conveys how I feel about changing careers and how satisfying knitting for a living has become for me.

On a personal note, I'm biding my time till Jnr arrives, only a matter of weeks now so I'm trying to put my feet up and enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts. I remember waiting for my first child to be born, sitting in the garden with my feet in a cool basin of water (the same time of year) and thinking about the long work free months ahead of me on maternity leave.

This time round I seem to have a million ideas swirling around my head, I'm already planning next years shows and wondering how I will strike that work/ baby balance. However I manage it I know that working for myself will allow me to get it right for all my family.

Will keep you informed of any baby news - promise!



Frances said...

Congratulations on the magazine article! I am pretty sure that Let's Knit is on the international magazine racks at my local Barnes & Noble, so I'll keep an eye out for that newest issue.

Your comparison of the two final waiting times before your children's summertime arrivals are so interesting. Do take it easy and enjoy this special time.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Great article Lynne, well done. Glad that you're making the most of the fine weather. Lesley

Bella B said...

After squinting to read most of your latest article, towards the end, I realised I could enlarge it and read it quite comfortably! Congrats! Hope things are going from strength to strength on the business front and that the final countdown is going well. All the best. BBx