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Friday, 19 November 2010

The moment has passed

I've taken my last post off as the moment is gone, I'm over it.

Thanks for all who commented!


Frances said...

Best wishes for fabulous future moments! xo

Jackie said...

Because I use google readerI could still read you rlast post but not the comments. I just wanted to say how I feel for you. It happened to me with a workshopI did when I first started out.And the person had no idea of guilt or shame. Very annoying. Your work is lovely and very original.Try not to be downhearted.

My Baboo said...

Thanks Jackie and Frances. I had many fantastic comments at the Country Living Fair so am now feeling very positive again! x

madebymum said...

So nice to meet you yesterday ( I'm the bib lady) I love your sheep hope you have a successful weekend at the Green Gallery.

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Hi, I awarded you the Stylish Blog Award. Visit my blog to tell you all about it, there is a bit of work to do -
Good luck, cheers