Monday, 23 February 2009

Pandora's Box

More and more of my old friends are joining Facebook, I love catching up with them but the one thing I'm not too keen on is all the free 'tests' that get passed about like 'Find your true name' all geared to revealing your true personality, which either leaves you elated or deflated.

This morning I have been lining some handbags and tea cosies. Standard kit required: sewing machine, scissors and sewing box.

So here is my Personality Test - What does your sewing box say about you?

. To start with my box is actually a tool box, lots of handy compartments to keep me organised.
. The picture above is a small selection of the more bizarre things I keep in my box:
. Thread colours - I have no idea what I have used some of those colours for over the years. The bright orange was for a holiday dress I hand sewed, which would no doubt look more like a hankie now. The green thread was for a new cover I made for the sofa that was left in my first flat in Edinburgh. The other colours - well?!
. Spare light bulbs for my Disco Ball
. A plectrum - one day I will strum away again on my guitars...
. An odd earring from a pair I used to wear constantly - probably now about 20 years old.
. Little ruby beads that I tied into my hair for my wedding reception.
. An eraser shield, for precisely correcting all the little mistakes I made when drafting architectural drawings by hand - again nearing 20 years old.

Make up your own mind what my personality is like. My sewing box is an every day time capsule of my past. Every time I use it the little things inside make me smile.

What's in your box?


caireen said...

Funnily enough it's all fairly average, not much nostalgia as decanted it all in last years to a compartmented Ikea box in clear plastic. I also have another box in blue the same, which interestingly (to us) I keep all my draughting pencils etc in! My favourite thing in sewing box is my japanese packet of sashiko needles. Thanks for sharing yours! cx

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Fab post : ) I am using a circular box with a lid that is painted to look like an orange. A good friend gave it to me years ago and it has just always been my sewing box. It lives on top of the fridge and actually fell down the back last year which was a disaster! Now that I am getting into machine stitching though, I can see the need for a bigger and more organised box.
The nicest thing in it is a vintage pin tin. It's red with a floral design on it, and the most bizarre thing in my sewing box is a squashed, dried rose hip in the shape of a heart!?!