Friday, 1 May 2009

Come on down, the price is right....

For a long time I have been asked to sell the flowers I use on my bags separately as brooches. The only thing that has been putting me off is the length of time they take to make, I just couldn't sell them at a reasonable price.

I'm also aware I need to have a good range of designs that will suit most pockets.

I have been 'footering' about (a good Scottish word) with crocheted flowers in a bid to make one that looks good and is value for money and I have designed the above (and below).

These brooches measure about 5cm across and I think they would look good on any jacket or a bag of your own. I also enjoyed thinking of a different way to display and package them that would carry through the My Baboo logo, without being a tie on tag, so I designed these individual cardboard stands - simple and effective.

Its the Wee Green Market in Killearn this weekend so I will try the flowers out on the public to get some feedback on colours and cost, I aim to sell them for £7 each.

It has also been a week of sheep and every where I turn there are some flocks in varying stages of completion, a bit like Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Market!


Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed at the row of sheep.
Still laughing.

Your flowers are beautiful and the price is very reasonable.

caireen said...

Hi Lynn - these look great! Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to make it along tomorrow... N needs the car early, and it seems a bit silly as am not up to date with stock. However, good luck and catch up with you soon. Cx

suzanne said...

Love the flowers! I will be there tomorrow - suppose I should get on with some sewing!

Frances said...

Best of luck to you at the fair. Your creations are so clever ... bet that you will sell and sell and sell.


Rebecca said...

Hi, I love your flowers!!I also love the way you have displayed them. See you tommorrow... i'm still painting, and trying to get enough stock together!Rx

Bella bheag said...

Your footering has paid off Lynne, new designs are lovely. I'm feeling a bit 'sheepish', have made very little since last month for WGM as been too busy working out how to blog. See you tomorrow.x

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Hi Lynn - thanks for visiting me :) Small world eh!!!
Well done on changing careers - I can't see myself knitting, but I would like to do more writing :)

Love teh sheep... but then I am from New Zealand and they outnumber us!lol

Calico Kate said...

Oh isn't footering a great word. Should be used way more often!
Really love the row of sheep.

Debs said...

Hi Lynn
Lovely to see you at the wee green market, I'll get there earlier next time. Your stock is looking fab and most impressive.