Monday, 20 April 2009

Old Bags and Beans....

My good deed for last week was making a new bean bag cover for the Balfron Nursery outdoor classroom, or the 'Jolly Coup' as it was officially named (by my son!)

The previous couple of years have been focused on raising funds to build the shed and to develop the Nursery Garden.
Last year saw the fruition of all the hard work when the children were able to make their own tattie soup and eat plums of their new fruit trees, the flowers survived the odd football and scooter rolling over them.
As the main layout of the garden has now been achieved, instead of raising funds for more plants we are having a Plant Donation Day on Friday 24th April (all day). So if like most people I have spoken with, you have spent the last few days enjoying the sunshine in your garden, and have noticed a few plants that could do with dividing, or some stray seedlings please feel free to pop them into the Nursery ( if you live locally!).

They will be very much appreciated and the children will no doubt enjoy getting their hands dirty.

The fabric for the bean bag was a pair of curtains donated by Alice. The old bean bag contained three smaller 'bags' so rather than making another round bag I made a rectangular one which is much bigger and will accommodate a few more little people.

I simply folded it in three and sewed down either side and slipped the bean bags in - like a giant pillow case - then closed it with a red ribbon. This means the bean bags will be easy to remove so the cover can be washed. I also made a pair of curtains for the shed and some bunting with the left overs.

I couldn't resist hanging them in my garden yesterday to celebrate our first barbecue of the year!

As my 100th post will be due soon I will be giving away a My Baboo Bunting Kit to knit - watch this space...


Anonymous said...

Love the bunting. Hasn't the weather been great. Karen

Rebecca said...

What gorgeous bunting!!! Thats great you managed to have a BBQ at the Wk.e. The weather has been so gorgeous! here's hoping it lasts!x

caireen said...

nice bunting, lovely photo!

suzanne said...

Bunting and Barbeques!? Next thing you will be saying that Spring has finally sprung! Looking forward to the WGM next week - can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!