Thursday, 18 June 2009

Time for Tea (and coffee)

I've finally had the time to work on some new products - coming your way soon is the new My Baboo Tea Beanie (because it looks like a beanie hat!) and Coffee Cosy in the form of knitting kits... just have to write the instructions and get the boxes sorted, hopefully within the next two weeks. (also available in blue)

The Kippen street fair was a success, even the weather pulled through. I'm annoyed with myself though as I left my knitted bunting attached to the stall, never to be seen again. I'll just have to make some more.

This weekend I'm off to the Logierait Market (10-2pm), coupled with a trip to the in-laws in Pitlcohry. Then on Sunday I'm off to Glasgow to see Take That with my sister. I don't know if my life will ever be the same again.

I met up with a few of my Wee Green Market friends this week - Is, Suzanne and Caireen - we are planning a small fair at Inver Cottage on the 11th July, a bit of an excuse for a nice day out to a fab restaurant and location.

Happy Knitting!


suzanne said...

New kits look great - fab idea!

caireen said...

was nice to have you visit - I am liking the heart detail - very scandy. thanks for the flowers, they rock.

Debs said...

Love the tea beanie - the colours work for my kitchen too! Please save me one. I didn't catch up with you in time but if you get the Sunday Times have a look for us in the home section tomorrow. I should have got my beanie in advance! Never mind. Hope you're well.
D x

Bella Bheag said...

The cosies have worked out really well Lynne. Just when you had an up-to-date catalogue too! BBx