Friday, 3 July 2009

I can see clearly now the rain has gone...

Finally the rain has come (and hopefully gone), the air has cleared and it's all a bit cooler inside and out . I've had a hectic couple of weeks (I seem to write that a lot) so here is a quick summary:-

Attended the Logierait Market which was a good day, very well attended by locals and visitors from further afield. I also caught up with some old school friends (from Aberfeldy). I met Judith and Karen who are readers of my blog and hail from Pitlochry. Turns out they know my in-laws, it's a small world. It was lovely to meet them, it's always interesting to find out who takes the time to read the nonsense I type.

We had the last week of nursery and I managed four nights out! This must be a record for me since becoming a parent. Now that my social life has calmed down I've managed to get a fair bit of making done. The tea cosies hanging on the line are for Homer, which I will be sending up soon along with some knitting kits and sheep. I never thought 20 years ago walking down the main street of Aberfeldy during my school lunch hour that I'd be making sheep to sell in one of the local shops! (Crikey that makes me sound a bit old)

I was also contacted by Alicia this week who I met at the Country Living Fair in November. She is opening a shop with her husband in Aberfoyle - hopefully tomorrow - called Cabin Collectives. It's located next to the Wool Centre in a cabin, hence the name. They will be stocking hand crafted items made in Scotland, including My Baboo and their own glass work. Please pop in and say hello if you are in the area.

I'll write about my impending outing to Inver Cottage over the weekend, but you can also get all the info you need from Is - July 11th, 11-5pm.

Ice Age 3 beckons tomorrow and then maybe a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. Have a good weekend!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Take That on Sunday night might have just been the greatest day of my life.....


Bella Bheag said...

You're back! Was thinking about you just today. I am writing this in the wee sma' oors o' the morning. Been preparing for Paisley's Sma' Shot Day Craft Fair (late invitation) which starts in 8 hours time! Looking forward to Invercottage on the 11th. See you then. Time for some zzzzzzs! BBx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Welcome back to blogland, I was starting to get concerned and it's all down to an exciting social life, work commitments - and two new outlets!! Good luck (to you and Bella Bheag) with wishes for lots of sales at Invercottage. Lesley

Frances said...

I love those cosies drying on the line!

Continued success to you. Life certainly can get hectic, sometimes making it difficult to keep calmly creative. Or is it creatively calm?