Friday, 21 August 2009

Who do you think you are?

Family trees are becoming more and more popular. I am the last of the Mactaggarts in my line, although I am now Seaton by marriage. We have quite a few historical names in the generations immediately above us such as Wallace, Stewart and Brodie - it would be interesting to see where the branches of my Family Tree stretch to, but that is a project for another day.

I get asked often where 'My Baboo' comes from. Its a simple answer so here is the story.

A few years ago I knitted a little bunny for my sister. Our friend Tracey saw it and wanted one. T also happens to be the manager of Homer in Aberfeldy and before I knew it my little bunnies were hopping of their shelves.

When I started selling the handbags I had made I used a different company name which was more relative to handbags. However this just didn't suit a wee bunny. So My Baboo became the name of my bunnies (and chickens and sheep) - here's how:

My first name is Lynne. In the cartoon Charlie Brown there is a little boy called Linus, and my sis used to call me that (and still does). Linus is the object of Charlie Browns sisters affections, and she calls Linus her 'Sweet Baboo'. My Baboo Bunny had a nice ring to it, and has ultimately ended up being my company name.

The picture above is of two Baboo Bunnies that Rene knitted from my pattern. She and her bunnies live in South Africa, where the mountains are currently dusted with snow - hence the scarves. She has knitted them from bamboo and cotton - and I love how they have turned out.

What I like even more is that in her correspondence she doesn't refer to them as bunnies, but as 'Baboo's'. So that's what they are - Baboos - sweet.

I'm off to the Edinburgh Festival West End Fair on Sunday for a weeks trading - Arch 11. I studied, worked and lived in Edinburgh for nearly 15 years so it will be nice to spend a week there, catching up with friends and hopefully meeting some new ones and reliving a little bit of my history.

Hope to see you there.



Frances said...

What a great story behind the name My Baboo.

What totally charming winterized Baboos, too. Proof positive that your pattern is a winner!

Best wishes for great success at the fair. I still do hope to be able to see your work in person one of these days, or years....


Debs said...

Hi Lynne

Hope your trip to Edinburgh is hugely succesful. I'm coming over to the fringe this week so hope to get over to the craft fair and shall look you up. Next time I see you I want to buy a tea beanie. As the evenings are 'drawing in' cos of this rubbish weather i think I'ld like to take up knitting!! Best of luck next week. Debs x

Rebecca said...

Lovely Story! Good Luck in Edinburgh this week! R x x

caireen said...

how did the eiff go?

Charlotte said...

Love finding out whats behind a name. Especially that of small businesses. Hope the fair went successfully. My friend Caroline Temple was there selling her jewellery. Love your stuff. Keep up the good work.
Charlotte : )