Thursday, 13 August 2009

News Update

I haven't abandoned you, if I could knit socks I would be working them off just now in preparation for my week at the Edinburgh Festivals West End Fair where I have an arch stall from the 24th August for a week.

I'm also at Logierait again this Saturday - 10-2pm.

Jnr has lost a tooth (I thought the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be around for another year yet) and he starts school in five sleeps time!

On top of all this I have a secret project to work on which needs to be completed by the first week of September, but I cant tell you about it till the end of October!

Tomorrow some journalists are coming to the house to do a photo shoot for a possible feature about having a rural business.

Oh and we went to Kirkby Lonsdale for a week and stayed in a Wigwam - cool.

Forgive me for not blogging often enough - I'll get back into the swing of it soon.

Have a happy weekend!


Frances said...

Hello to you, you busy Baboo!

All that you report sounds quite thrilling, and also a bit exhausting.

Wishing you all good results on all your projects.

I cannot tell you how much I have always wanted to some day visit the Edinburgh Festival. Back in the early 1980's I almost got there, and then some sort of work-related (then at a NYC law firm) responsibility bit crushed my travel plans.

Just hope that you will have a grand time and find all sorts of new fans. xo

Calico Kate said...

Goodness you've been far too busy to blog!
Good luck with all your fairs and stalls, hope you have many sales.

Marion said...

Hi there
Take a quick look at the pics of the West End Fair on my blog if you like.
We're there for the full 3 weeks, and today is a wet one1

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your experiences at Edinburgh festival.
My the fibre be with you.

Rebecca said...

hi hi! Good luck with all your busy-ness over the next few weeks! all sounds very exciting. I've been meaning to reply to your email... I finish work on tue, so my life will return back to normal soon, and i can start being crafty again!! Wigwam sounds amzing...always fancied staying in one! hopefully see you soon x