Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rip it up and start again...

One thing I like about knitting is you can so easily personalise a project, from choosing your favourite colour for a pattern, making the size you really want or to taking a pattern and using it as a basic guide to make something unique.

This weekend we are off to a friends baby's Christening, and my girls wardrobe is lacking in cardigans. She was given a beautiful dress from a friend which is a perfect outfit for our day out, but given the current Scottish weather (rain) a 'wee cardy' is definitely needed to keep the chill off.

Obviously clothes manufacturers seem to think that we are all basking in glorious sunshine as I couldn't find a simple cardigan to go with her dress in any of the high street shops - just little summer dresses - not much use for our weather.

I knew I had a long sleeve cardigan pattern as I knitted one for a friends new baby last year, I also (as most knitters do) have a varied selection of odds and ends of yarn that I will never throw out. So a bit of rummaging about in the cupboard under the stairs resulted in me finding some yarn that picked up the colours of her dress perfectly.

Not having the recommended amount of yarn for the pattern I decided to make the cardigan short sleeved, putting in a nice little puff detail to finish the sleeves off.
I'm delighted with the result, particularly as I also found this dress in a well known supermarket for £1 - and the cardigan matches it too.

And as for the title of this post, another good thing about knitting is if you don't like your finished product you can always rip it up and start again!


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a lovely cardigan Lynn - you are so clever - and the knitting looks really special. That sounds strange I know, but there are few of us who could achieve such a result I feel.

Hope you are recovering well following the delivery of your newest arrival. Best wishes, Lesley

Frances said...

Lynn, I completely agree with you that part of the fun of hand knitting is being able to create exactly the item you want to create, stitch by stitch.

Your wee cardigan is a gem. Hoping that your tiny girl will be able to see and admire it years from now, when you teach her how to knit, stitch by stitch. xo

My Baboo said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, this is the first thing I have knitted especially for Lexie, everything else was made before she was born. And yes I look forward to teaching her how to knit - although my 6 year old boy likes to have a go now and then too!

Bella Bheag said...

Hi Lynne - lovely to hear from you! Lucky Lexie to have such a talented Mum able to put together something for her wardrobe at short notice - and little cost! Hope all is well with you! BBx