Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Word of Mouth

Advertising is an expensive mine field to me, I've been lucky so far in that most of my advertising has been generated through magazine articles where I have been approached by a publication who have found my story interesting.

Some articles generate interest, others not so much - it all depends on who reads them I suppose.

One of my new stockist this year is Many Thanks in Mauchline. Carol called me last week to tell me she had used a picture of my sheep in an advert she placed with the Daily Record (one of Scotlands biggest newspapers). She thought she was taking a bit of a risk placing the advert. Naturally she had to pay for it, and would that outlay generate enough interest in her shop that would lead to some sales?

She also mentioned that she will have a stall at the Ayr Flower Show this weekend. My friend Is has a stand there also and she has always done well at it. I haven't been myself, but by all accounts its a great (and busy) show.

In fact I have only attended one 'craft fair' this year, my priorities are elsewhere at the moment with the baby. Selling through stockists like Many Thanks has also meant that I have been busy with wholesale.

And yes I know I need to update my stockist list on my web site - the more shops I supply the more people will see and hopefully buy my work, so I guess it is sort of word of mouth...

Here's hoping Carol does well at Ayr this weekend and she gets some good feedback from her advert - she has plenty of my sheep and sheep knitting kits to sell!

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