Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Baboo Highland Coo reaches New Zealand

Here he is, My Baboo Highland Coo has made it safely to New Zealand. His host is Mandi and she sent this message:

'Hi Lynne

Highland Coo is having a fab holiday! Lazing by the pool (he has brought the sunshine with him!), watching 3500 rubber ducks in a charity river race! Its all go here!

Here he is on his balcony with a view of Young Nick's Head at Gisborne. Young Nick's Head was one of the first sightings of land when New Zealand was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1769.

Still trying to sort out where he is going next so he might stay here for another few days!

Mandi x'

Certainly looks like he is enjoying himself!

He has just traveled 11,237 miles as the crow flies - wonder where he will get to next!

Thanks Mandi for making his stay so enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more World Adventures of My Baboo Highland Coo....

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