Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas Advent - Day 1


My first knitted holly leaves and berries - turned out quite well I think! The beauty of felting the leaves means I can shape them how I like and they stay in the same position once dry.

I also knitted myself a new scarf yesterday after a cold neck walking round Loch Lomond Shores.

Knitted from Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit wool, with some Donegal Silk Tweed mix to the ends which gives it a bit of weight. I love the Freedom wool, it looks a bit like Fair Isle once knitted up.

I'm off to start getting organised for the Green Gallery Christmas Fair this weekend.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of my Advent!


caireen said...

I was at Lomond Shores too! around 4pm there was an amazing light with the fog and the christmas lights - very eerie! that holly looks Great.. must dash back and link your advent to mine! Xx

suzanne said...

Love the holly! Great idea to knit an advent. Good Luck at the Green Gallery!

carolyn said...

caireen sent me over, as a non knitter, I've tried bit I'm hopeless, I'm incredibly impressed with this project. The holly is wonderful.