Monday, 8 December 2008

The Simple Things In Life...

...are the best. Last night my sister and I went to see Simple Minds live at the ABC in Glasgow (the one with the big mirror ball). Only 1200 tickets were sold and all the money went to Cash For Kids (Radio Clyde). The concert was AMAZING. Simple Minds Live in The City of Light was the first album I ever bought from a wee record shop in Perth many moons ago. I have always loved them and to see them live for the first time at such an intimate venue was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

It must be said though Jim Kerr does dance like your dad a wee bit.

The concert finished off a good weekend spent at the Green Gallery for their Christmas Fair. The Ladies night on Friday was a big success, and Saturday was busy however Sunday was very quiet. Those who had a stall last year did very well so I went along full of expectations, however I think this year we all struggled a bit. That's the credit crunch for you I suppose.

All money raised and proceeds from our tables is being donated to CHAS, so my Charity hat has been well tipped this weekend so I'm feeling pretty good.

My crisis now is finding my Christmas CD - another day can not pass without it!

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