Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Advent - Day 9

Oh Christmas Tree..

Ok, so these are not knitted, but I did make them all last year at a ceramics class at Balfron High School. We've just put our Christmas Tree up, the CD has been found and I have a new Christmas jumper on (see below)- I'm feeling very festive indeed.

Am I the only mother who gets stressed out when their helpful child doesn't place the decorations as tastefully as I could? I will adjust a few when Jnr has gone to bed.

I have also added a few more things including bags into my
Etsy shop so please have a look.

Jingle Jingle!


carolyn said...

I'm in love with that heart/stripey teacosy, its simply wonderful, only trouble is I never use a teapot. Darn it!

Debs said...

Altho I felt the same way about 'adjustments' to the tree my two seem to rehang their decorations every few minutes.