Sunday, 26 July 2009

Unraveling at the seams...

I have been contacted by Ravelry to take part in the UK Ravelry fair at Stirling Uni next year. Not knowing much about them I had a look at their web site and to cut a long story short I am now selling some knitting patterns through them

I've only been on their web site since Friday but it seems to be a mecca for knitters, well worth having a look and registering as they have loads of useful info. You can list all your own knitting projects, things you'd like to make etc, creating your own on-line knitting community, a sort of Facebook for knitters.

The benefit of selling my patterns on their site is you can download them directly once you have paid. Nice and easy.

I would say their site does come across as a little complicated to begin with but it has only taken me a couple of days to get to grips with it, and the Ravelry staff do seem to be very helpful (as you would expect knitters to be!). You do have to register before you can access any of the information but that can be done in a few simple steps.

Have a look here and let me know what you think. To find my patterns for sale simply search for 'Lynne Seaton' or 'My Baboo' under the designer or pattern tabs.

Happy knitting!


Frances said...

Having been a bit curious about Ravelry, I also registered with that site ... oh, maybe a month or so ago, and have found it a very good source of info about a crochet project of mine that was languishing. Project now finished and finally presented as a belated birthday gift.

I think that you will have lots of response to your posts. Promise to check on them myself, very soon.


Bella Bheag said...

Hi Lynne - just noticed you have been featured in 'Scotland' magazine - brilliant! Which issue? Would like to check it out!

You have had a very productive first year! CL, Folksy, Etsy, Revelry, Twitter, Scotland Mag, designing, making and producing plus attending craft events...... (and no doubt much more!) - good for you! BBx