Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Don't stop me now...

...I'm having such a good time - etc.

I've really got into my stride this week and have managed to churn out a substantial amount of work. So much so I have almost run out of wool. I have just ordered over 1/4 ton so that should keep me going for a while!

I'm really trying to plan ahead for Christmas now. I only have a couple of sales to attend over the next few months as I want to dedicate my time to making stock for October onwards - undoubtedly my busiest time. I've roughly worked out quantities of stock for the Country Living Fair - and its frightened me into action!

I'll also be transforming My Baboo web site and on-line shop over the next month with the help of the IT chaps at The Business Gateway in Stirling. They offer a wealth of advice for new businesses like mine.

Working at home is still proving to be an excellent choice for me, I'm not missing the daily commute (or the cake shop) to Dunblane one bit. My hubby and son have also been very good in letting me get on with my work - perhaps they are getting fed up seeing me all the time already.

The rest of the week is being spent with my niece and a trip up to Aberdeen to see my friends - a nice long journey to get lots of sewing done (husband is driving), although he hasn't quite come to terms yet with the wool 'fluff' messing up his car.

Love me, love my knitting!

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