Friday, 22 August 2008

If it wisnae fir yir wellies....

It's been a busy week making tea cosies/ egg cosies and handbags. Everything is felted so look out for lots of new pics soon - especially my new sheep tea cosy. Next week will be dedicated to finishing off everything I have made over the past few weeks. I'll put some stock away for the Country Living Fair, the rest I will be selling at the Wee Green Market in Killearn next month.

I'm also thinking of including a 'preview' section on my web site for my Christmas stock, I might leave this till nearer October though.

The benefit of working at home came into its own yesterday when I was struck with a dreaded migraine. Instead of feeling like my eyeballs were going to fall out as I screwed them up in pain trying to do some drawings on AutoCAD (in my previous life as an architect) I was able to pop up to bed for a mid afternoon siesta whilst my boy was at nursery, and it did the trick.

I'm also getting ready to go to RetroFest with my sis and friend Julie, this time next week. We are camping from Friday to Sunday at the 2nd 80's music festival being held at Strathclyde Country Park, featuring stars such as The Bangles, Boy George, Paul Young, not forgetting BoneyM! Our biggest dilemma is whether to take stuffed olives or not. How life has changed, 10 years ago we would have just been packing booze (and a few pair of clean pants!)

Anyway if its a nice day tomorrow we will take our bikes up to Loch Katrine for a few hours.

I'm off to find my wellies, perfect festival dancing footwear!

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