Monday, 25 August 2008

Mushrooms, Eggs and Tea

Sounds like a bit of a fry up doesn't it? All that's missing are the tattie scones.

These magnificent specimens were growing in our back garden, measuring about 6" high with the top of the largest being about 7" in diameter.

They would have made a perfect umbrella for one of my Baby Baboo Bunnies, just the right size for all the rain.

I started to finish off some tea/ egg cosies and bags today, plenty of little Christmassy items too, getting me in the mood for cold nights in front of the fire.

I 'tabled' a new scarf design this morning at the MMM (Mums Monday Meeting), I knitted it for myself last night and it got a thumbs up all round so I may consider making some to sell. As they saying goes, watch this space.....


Gorilla Bananas said...

Are the mushrooms magic ones?

My Baboo said...

I wish!

Jane said...

We have magic mushrooms on our lawn & in the field opposite - every year beanie hatted students arrive in a battered van and spend the morning walking up and down the field . . .
see you on 6th?