Thursday, 28 August 2008

Frankie Says....

...relax for three days without child/ husband/ knitting. Well I may sneak a bit of wool and some needles to Retrofest this weekend.

Can't wait - we are all very excited about going, I have bought my dry shampoo as there wont be any shower facilities! How will we cope?

Finished off lots of tea cosies today, all lined and ready for next months Wee Green Market. Also tried to take a picture of my scarf - don't think I'll need it this weekend as the forecast looks sunny, albeit slightly muddy.

I prepared some samples for mini-bag knitting kits. I'll try and get some ready for the WGM.

Farewell, here's hoping all the mud will take years off us!


Mogwaii said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm especially liking the coffee cosy and the cup cake hat.
I wish I had the patience to knit. Tried starting a stripy scarf last week and gave up after 10 lines...pathetic I KNOW.
Anyway - Respect!
and how about an etsy you have one?


My Baboo said...
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My Baboo said...

Oops, had to delete my reply as my spelling is so bad!

Thanks for the comments, my upper body strength is increasing daily - maybe I should release a Knitting work-out video.

I do have an etsy shop but have been a bit lazy about uploading things - it's on my to do list. However I have been putting prices etc on my web site.

Keep at the scarf, I'm sure you will be finished in time for the cold weather!