Friday, 12 September 2008

Muddy boots and Photographs

The past few days have been really productive. I've changed my way of making things - rather than making 10 of this or that to completion I am going to get as much stock knitted as possible over the next three weeks, then I'll do all the sewing and finishing in October which leaves me November to get organised for the CL Fair.

It means I will quickly have a better idea of how much stock I will have for Christmas, and although it can be repetitive at times (69 sheep in 2 days!) at least I know the main part of the production is done.

I also finally managed to get some photos of new bags modeled by my friend Kirsty. We got some funny looks this morning as we climbed over the fence to go into the field (just outside Killearn), especially as I had a huge blue bag with all my stock in it. It's been a miserable rainy week, this morning wasn't particularly bright but at least it was dry. We also had to share our location with a few nosy bovines.

I think they turned out fine - if a little dark, but it certainly gives you a better idea of the size of the bags. I also like how they contrast with the landscape.

This weekend will be spent knitting as we are off to Oxford next week to visit relatives and to take our boy to Legoland - plenty of sewing in the car for me!


Vanessa said...

What organisation skills you have!

The photo's look great as well as your lovely bags, the scenery looks great.

Have a good weekend

Vanessa x

JacquiMcR said...

Hi, normally I just lurk on your blog admiring all the lovely things that you make, so I thought it was about time I let you know. You are a very talented lady and your photos are great - jacqui

My Baboo said...
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My Baboo said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies, it's nice to see new names - previous comment removed as my spelling is so bad!