Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Some days....

....are a waste of makeup. This is the slogan on a fridge magnet of my mums, and today was one of those days for me.

It all started off so well when I met with Luci to discuss some ideas for my stand at Country Living (20th-23Nov SECC - remember!) I left feeling positive and more focused on what I could create for my meagre budget.

So I headed off into Glasgow with a skip in my step and a list of 'things to buy'. Needless to say I didn't manage to cross much off the list, in fact I spent more on parking than I did on my purchases for the day. (see above picture)

However I am not disheartened as I now have a clear picture of what I am going to use for my stand, and have been eyeing up several pieces of furniture that could prove useful - my house is going to look like we've been burgled by the time I'm finished.

I suppose that's a big item I can now cross of my list - 'Design Stand' - and I didn't need to waste any lippy to do that!


Primrose Hill said...

Hello there!

I think we might be neighbours at the CL Fair, I'm on stand G7...was having a wee look at the exhibitor list and found you, nice to know I'll be next to another Scottish exhibitor!

Have done the fair the last couple of years it's great fun, but I'm panicking about stock levels!

Lisa x

My Baboo said...

Thanks for the commet Lisa, look forward to meeting you. I have 'the fear' about my stock levels now too!

Jane said...

Hi Lynn,
Just to say I thought your stand looked fab at Killearn - I meant to get across to say so, but I was nominally in charge of Kevin and Perry on the egg stall.
Oh I'm looking forward to those teenage years with my own two,