Sunday, 7 September 2008

Wee Green Market and my Weekend

The Wee Green Market in Killearn was a success yesterday. The hall was full with exhibitors and there was certainly more people through the door than the previous couple of months. People are more relaxed when its busy as the odd visitor on a quiet day can feel the pressure of being the lone customer.

I bought myself a needle holder made by Suzanne. I often look at lovely things and never buy them because I always think - 'I can make something like that' - of course I never do, so it's little treats like the holder that put a smile on my face.

I was also heartened to know that a couple of the exhibitors at the market, Jane and Karon, will be exhibiting at the Country Living Christmas Fair in November. A few familiar faces will make the process slightly easier for me.

After the market it was off to buy some essentials, and I managed to pick up these mugs from Woolworths of all places for £1 each - what a bargain.

I also received lots of compliments regarding a couple of new bags which I'm due to put on my web site soon. They are slightly larger than I normally make and the flower has a pin on the back so you can wear it as a brooch.

Today has been spent pondering about my stand at CL, picking plums from the garden and freezing them (in 1lb batches - I'm so organised!) for future chutney making - that's Christmas sorted!

I'm off to work out how many bunnies I can make in a week - answers on poatcards please!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bag!
It's a great shape. Well done you for being so organized, it's a great feeling to be storing produce away for the winter months.