Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bright Lights, River City

Some girls and I from the Wee Green Market had a mini fair at the studios of River City today which proved quite profitable for all of us.

I confess to having watched it on the telly last night for the first time and I was still none the wiser as to who most of the actors were, although I did recognise a lady that used to be in Take The High Road (much more my scene during my student years).

It was lovely meeting new people of a creative persuasion - and lots more positive feed back.

As usual I spent most of my time chatting with Caireen about potential ways to develop business and how to stay true to your dream/ goal. It's a balance I think, and the clever thing is creating new products and ideas that I love and that people want. As the saying goes you can please most of the people all of the time, etc...

I always thought when practicing architecture that selling ideas to clients was an art. I do think that the way to a good design is to understand the client fully, from how they open a door to how they sit and drink their coffee. Little details that make up their whole, and a very intimate exercise.

So how can I use those skills when designing new products and developing my business when I don't really know who my 'client' (customer) is yet?

The feedback I've had over the past month has been amazing - I must be doing something right, however I'm sure there are lots of things I need to improve on. Blogs are a great way of getting feedback, so please keep reading and leaving your comments (all constructive criticism welcome)

Also having the opportunity to spend time with like minded and talented people helps - not many of the builders I worked with were too interested in knitting!

So today was a good day, relatively simple and understated, I've also managed to knit some more tea cosies tonight - look out for my sheep ones on the web site soon, maybe I know my customers better than I think!

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caireen said...

was really nice sitting next to you and having a chat again! (sorry forgot to give you the tour!!).. Congrats again on Best Stand - a great boost for you! Came home and couldn't relax, so kept making tags for a bit longer! Cx