Friday, 14 November 2008

Quality not Quantity

The hours are ticking away and I'm feeling quietly confident that I'll be sorted for Country Living next Thursday. I have a Christmas Fair at the BBC in Glasgow on Tuesday (sorry not open to the public) so I need to be organised for that, then its set up day at the SECC on Wednesday.

Vans are booked and I have enlisted the help of my mum, dad and sister to help me set up and man the stall. For those of you that stop by my stand I'm sure you will notice the family resemblance. My mum is already stressing over what to wear and how much shopping time she will have. You just cant get the staff these days.

I've made all that I can and have finished most things bar some bunnies and sheep, I've also lots of empty boxes waiting to be transformed into knitting kits.

I spent yesterday dashing about Central Scotland purchasing receipt books and more card for labels, and managed to fit in a quick coffee with my sis at Perth Theatre (always worth a visit).

Last night I took a few of my things along to a wee soiree at Doyles for the Balfron Nursery mums, a lovely evening, a bit of self promotion and I also managed to get a few orders too.

Which brings me to the real topic of this post. Yesterday I read Janes blog as always with interest. She is also exhibiting at Country Living albeit on a much grander scale
, and has raised the issue of imported goods being sold at big 'craft' events. Have a read of her blog and the comments.

Last night I was asked if My Baboo was a franchise. Those of you who know me will know its not, it's all my own doing. I often get asked where I buy my products from and people can be quite shocked to learn I design and make everything myself.

After reading Janes blog I started to wonder why this is. Do people just assume that work of any quality has to be a massed produced product? Or are we as makers not getting the message across that there is a wealth of top quality designers on your door step, where you are guaranteed originality, attention to detail and importantly when you are handing over your hard earned cash, you are buying an item that has been made with a great deal of thought and care, and let's face it- love.

I love making everything I design, and even after having a few intensive months of knitting and sewing I haven't reached my boredom threshold for making lots of the same item. I always get a thrill and surprise when people buy things I have made and are so complimentary about them, it makes it all worth while.

So above is a picture of most of the bags I have made (minus flowers so they don't get squashed). Laying them out doesn't look like much, but I don't physically have the time to make any more, so that is my 'quality over quantity'. If I sell what I have made I will be a happy Baboo bunny.

I'm looking forward to meeting some of you next week, and feel free to ask me if I have made everything myself even if you know the answer.



Primrose Hill said...

Hi Lynne,
Really hope the show goes well for you, I'm sure you'll do great.
Sadly we're not doing the show, I had to cancel as my Dad passed away last week, so I've been down in Stirling for the last couple of weeks with the family.
I'll be at Becky's Fair at the Green Gallery, are you at that one?
I know exactly what you mean about being questioned over what you produce, I get the feeling that sometimes people think I have a band of elves under the table, if only!
Anyway, best of luck, you'll enjoy every minute of it as I'm sure it will be magical.
L x

Primrose Hill said...

P.S. let me know who end's up in stand G7!
L x

suzanne said...

That is a lot of bags you have there! They look great, as do all your other items - really love the robins - so cute! Best of Luck - hope you sell loads and get lots of orders. Hoping to get along to CL, if only for my lunch hour. Will be at BBC - working unfortunately - a friend is going to man my stall for me. See you then!

JacquiMcR said...

Lynne, your stuff looks great and I can't wait to see it on Thursday. I'm coming along with my sister for a day out and a bit of shopping. Good Luck - Jacqui x

joni phippin said...

So excited you will be at the country living. Can't wait to visit your stall.
It will be great to put a face to the art!
I love your blog