Monday, 24 November 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, that's it over for this year. I've managed to survive my first big show without too many battle scars so here is how it went.....

(apologies for not very good pictures!)

The Good What can I say, not so much good, more like fantastic. Obviously the icing on the cake was winning the Best Stand Award out of all those amazing exhibitors, but even better were all the lovely comments I got from visitors, exhibitors and customers.

Giving up being an architect to concentrate on My Baboo was a bit of a leap into the unknown for me, this weekend has just confirmed that I have done the right thing. The hard work starts now though as next year will really be make or break. I wont be doing a show like Country Living every month so I really have to start making the pennies to see me through the year, as I cant rely on Christmas trade alone.

I received lots of trade enquiries, although I am still unsure how to develop this. I would love the time to dedicate to building up my own customer base, and being flooded with wholesale orders may not allow me the time to do so. I'm being a bit cautious just now, but watch this space.

The Bad
Not much was bad about the show, the only real glitch being the power failure on Saturday morning which meant exhibitors and visitor had to wait in the cold till the doors opened at 11am. We stayed open for an hour longer to compensate. Well done to the organisers who managed to pacify thousands of women, tickets in hand who had been queuing since 9.30am - it's not a job I would have liked!

I also learned very quickly on Thursday that any shoes with the slightest heel were a bad idea, especially as I almost had to crawl out of the car when I got home on Thursday night as my feet were so sore.

The Ugly.... The ugly is simply the people who stole a clutch bag, bunny and reindeer from me. The reindeer was stolen from the press office, and the green bunny and red bow clutch bag are the only ones of their kind out there in the big bad world, so if you have them or receive them as a present then I hope you are shamed into never being able to use them. Thanks, you made my day - not.
(please don't get confused by all of you lovely people who did buy reindeer's from me!)

Ah well, you learn by your mistakes as they say. Next year is flat shoes all the way, and a keen eye for those who prefer not to pay. My mind is nearly functioning again and I'm already thinking of new designs , I'm off to get my PA to organise a press release...OK I'm really off to tidy up the garage and sort out my stock - reality bites.

Last but not least the biggest thanks goes to my mum, dad and big sis for all the help they gave me before/ during and after the show - I couldn't have done it without them!


suzanne said...

That's so crap - you wouldn't expect something like that at the CL Fair. Glad to hear that apart from that, all the hard work was worth it. You deserve every success - your work is lovely and it is great that you use Lanark Mill wool. CU at River City?

JacquiMcR said...

Thats so awful! It just shows you that you can never judge people by looking at them (everyone looked so respectable).

My sister and I came by on the first morning and your stall was fab! It was your mum who was there and I had intended getting back to say hello, but ran out of time.

If you have any christmas trees left I would like to buy one. Enjoy your day - Jacqui

My Baboo said...

Hi Jaqui, thanks for stopping by, pity I never got to meet you! Can you phone me please so I can get your details as my Hotmail seems to be on the blink just now - 07929 090 487. Glad you had a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Well done. You deserve your award -your stall looked amazing.

As for the happens. How 'must have' is My Baboo!

Jane said...

Last year I had lots of button magnets stolen from my noticeboard - it was bizarre as they weren't for sale - and as they gradually got pinched the photos they held up would fall off the board!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Well done Lynne! Your stand looks fantastic and you deserved to win an award : ) Shame about the stolen stuff. You can only be looking at one thing at a time I suppose.
Best regards,

Debs said...

I've just googled you after seeing your stand at the weekend so am pleased to find a blog. Your stand and products were super, so very well done. I'm horrified that you had thefts, its such a sad thing.
Good luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

Please except my BFF award. I love both your work and your blog.

I am looking forward to reading about your creative business as it grows.
Kindest regards

My Baboo said...

Hi Debs, thanks for your comment and taking the time to visit - your new house looks amazing - no more blogging photos??

Thanks for the award Joni!


Highland Fairy said...

Lynne~ Your stand looks amazing!
and you have so much work....
Well done for winning 'best stand'....WOW!
It's sad that some people think they can just help themselves to things....they don't care do they!?
I believe in you?

Jackie said...

A well deserved winner of the best stand award. It was so well thought out..but your architects training shows!
As for the thieves...despicable.

Primrose Hill said...

Well done Lynne on your stand success, you must be very chuffed!
Can't believe the thefts, that's really awful, sad that's there always seems to be something to take the shine away from it all.

Will see you at the weekend at the Green Gallery, I'm looking forward to it, hopefully I'll have got rid of the flu by then!

Lisa x