Thursday, 29 January 2009

2B or not 2B.....

So, here it is, the My Baboo 2B collection
A selection of home wares
Designed 2B stylish

Designed 2B practical
I decided after Christmas to make a core group of items that can be mixed and matched and free from too much embellishment. The idea being I am more efficient at making them which is reflected in their price.

The 5 colours I have used also appear in the rest of my designs, making them a collection you can build from.

This week saw me exhibiting at Scotland's Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. Its the first time I have sold wholesale to retailers and all I can say is it was certainly worth it.

I met some lovely people, both exhibitors and new stockists and you will shortly be able to find My Baboo across Scotland and into the North of England.

I have lots of lovely new photographs so please be patient whilst I get them onto my web site with prices etc (photos courtesy of Michael ferns)

Cant type for too long as I now have loads of orders to fulfill!!


Bell Bheag said...

Your latest creations are soooo nice Lynne! Glad the Trade Fair was a success - well deserved! x

suzanne said...

Love the new simple designs - very stylish!

Pipany said...

Glad teh trade show went so well Lynne. The designs are lovely so I'm not surprised xx