Friday, 16 January 2009

Two sheep walk into a baaaaar....

The barman says "What would ewe like"

Here's the Baboo Sheep tea and coffee cosy. The best word I can find to describe them is 'glaikit' - a good Scottish word meaning 'silly' and 'vacant'. One on-line dictionary also lists 'glazed expression' as a meaning. I defy anyone who gets up on the wrong side of the bed not to smile when they see these faces in the morning.

Here's a good tip for those of you who worry about copyright and how to prove a design is yours. Once you have completed your design, take a photograph of it and write a brief description, including what materials you have used, date and sign it etc. Pop it in an envelope and send it to yourself. When you get the letter, don't open it - keep it on file. If you ever have a dispute you will have a franked sealed envelope which can prove the date you designed that particular item. A simple, cheap method that can help to prove a design is yours!

I'm just about sorted with all my samples, only a few bits and bobs to finish off. Next week I will be focusing on price lists and paper work for the trade show. What I really need to get my head round is how much I can physically make. What if I have to turn orders down?

One range I have developed has made me focus on how I am making things, how I can make products that are affordable to the buyer and profitable to the seller. It will be interesting to see how well it does. (don't worry, pictures soon!)

I've taken the view that if I don't get orders for things because of cost, at least I can sell them myself at a more affordable price as you aren't having to pay for the 'middle man'. It will be interesting to see what the trading public will consider to be my best sellers.

Crikey, its amazing how you change your attitude to business when you have to make a living from it!

I'm off to do a bit of hand knitting from the comfort of my sofa.

Have a good weekend!


Pipany said...

Oh do I ever agree! It is the thing that occupies all my thoughts at the moment. Love your blog so much and the cosies are going to sell brilliantly. Good luck xx

Pipany said...

Hmm, most odd - I sent a comment but it came back via email. Some problem? Try again.

I know exactly where you are coming from with the thinking about how to make things which are viable for wholesale, It occupies all my thoughts at the moment. I love your blog and think your cosies will be really popular. Very original. xx

suzanne said...

I admire your energy Lynne - all your new stuff is looking great! Good Luck at the Trade Fair - you are right how needing to make a living focuses you - wishing you loads of success!

Debs said...

The cosies are fab; a lovely addition to your range.

The Bay Attic said...

Hi Lynne, just wanted to say that it was great to see your creations on your stand at Scotland's fair today, they are absolutely fab, I am sure the fair will bring you even more success. All the best E+D.