Friday, 9 January 2009

Oh Happy Days

I'm feeling pretty darn pleased with myself today, here's why:

1: I've had my first Etsy sale- yipee!
2: I've managed to obtain three pretty swish display 'things' for the 2009 Country Living Christmas fair - all for the price of £0.00 (its a secret, you'll have to wait till November to find out)
3: I popped into Ikea today to have a look at shelving for my display at Scotlands Trade Fair at the end of the month. I needed something easy to put up/ take down and the particular unit I had my eye on looked like it would do the job. Lucky me when I found one in their Bargain Corner, ex display. I bartered a little more and got 53% off!!! A few small cosmetic scrapes, but a strategically placed tea cosy will soon cover them up.

Motto for today - if you don't ask you don't get.

So a good day for the wallet and an even better day for getting organised. I also listened to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 on the way home about starting a business during the credit crunch. Lots of people calling in with their new business ideas were saying that starting up at this time will stand them in good stead for the future. If the next couple of years are going to be as bad as it gets for a long time that can only mean the future is bright. (my thoughts exactly)

Happy Days indeed!

Oh by the way I have been a bit sneaky - the '4th year student' is in his fourth year of life and is currently studying at Balfron Nursery - it was my boy that did the drawing - although it does look more exciting than anything I ever came up with during my uni years! Sorry for fooling you.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you've put me out of my misery - I was almost convinced it was a proto for a futuristic escalator. Congrats on your low spend/high obtain day & sale.

Pipany said...

I love your blog and love what you make even more. Off to see if can download the Vine show now. xx

Bell Bheag said...

Congratulations on your first Etsy sale Lynne - here's to many more! Good luck with the the Trade Fair.(ps Happy New Year!) BBx

caireen said...

aha, you sneak! I thought at first glance it looked like a modernistic golfing tee. Well done with all the serendipity =looks like the Universe is supporting your efforts xx

suzanne said...

Congrats on the Etsy Sale and all your well timed bargains. Off to a flying start for the New Yearx

Jackie said...

On the advice 'if you don't ask 'etc ..was it worth doing the country living fair? Cost of table, return etc? well as you're doing it again I suppose it must have been! I've sold a lot on etsy and at certain fairs, but wondering about something bigger like that.It might be too expensive for me though.