Thursday, 22 January 2009

Out with the old and in with the new...

I'm starting to get really excited about the Trade Fair this weekend, our neighbours son Michael was over last night with his professional camera and we got lots of nice shots of my new products - even some action ones! I cant wait to see them so I can start to tinker and get them on my web site.

Above is a wee play with one of my own pictures of my new Baby Bootees, I must admit I quite like my photos to be 'clean' and almost graphical - it suits my style.

The next few days will be spent finishing off a couple of samples and getting price lists etc printed out. Being so focused has really helped my collection of work become more refined, the 'one offs' I used to make have been put on the back burner just now, I'll reserve them for special occasions and commissions.

I met Caireen last week for a coffee and it was great to just indulge ourselves in craft chat, what we were hoping to achieve this year and so on. I think it will be a good year for a lot of people I know. The sense of the unknown coupled with the freedom of being in charge of your own destiny should make for some interesting reading over the next 11 months.

This year seems to be one for trying new things, and having the confidence to do it.

I've just added this pic to the post, can you see what it is? I sent it to Caireen as it remided me of her love of patchwork.


Debs said...

I like the photo too, I think its the architectural feel to this sort of image which appeals.

caireen said...

I am liking the image, and funny you were talking of things radiating from a core. x

Pipany said...

That is one very funky and professional looking image. LOve it xx

Bell Bheag said...

Isn't the digital camera an amazing tool! Good luck Lynne - will watch with interest! BB