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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Is there anybody there?

not a very crafty photograph, but special none the less - Centy the Centipede, my boys 'first real pet'

I feel like I am out of touch from my blogging world it's been so long since I last posted. Thankfully it has been because I have been so busy getting orders out the door. I am delighted with the response I received from Scotland's Trade Fair and I am even seeing some stockists re-order already. You can get an updated list of my stockists here.

I have lots to write about but I think I will do it in bite sized pieces to get me back into the swing of blogging.

The most recent being My Baboo's trip to London (although my feet have stayed firmly in Balfron). I will be stocking Inver Cottage soon and Jasmine passed my information onto Carole who does a wonderful job in prompting the West of Scotland with her Seafood Trail.

Carole has just been down to London to promote Scotland at the Best of Britain and Ireland tourism show. She kindly took a selection of my work to exhibit along side other treasures you can find on her trail. I haven't quite had the full 'debriefing' from Carole but all in all the show was very successful. Although as it was held at ExCel, and all the undergrounds were closed over the weekend due to the security for the G20 summit that is now being held there. I wonder if all the world leaders had a chance to visit to see what we have to offer?

What struck me the most is the fact that someone thought enough of my work to want to use it in a show case for Scotland. Very flattering indeed.

Next will be the wedding bag...


Pipany said...

But no surprise for your work is so original. Well done and good to see you back x

Jackie said...

Well done. Its all kicking off!

Bella Bheag said...

I'm here, and always interested in your beautiful and original crafting. Will catch up with you tomorrow at the WGM! BBx

Rebecca said...

Hi ! Thats great you did the trade fair- and you did so well!! I'm looking into doing the country living fair this nov- but changing the look of my glassware at the mo- so we'll see how that goes! In the lambing shed tomo- so can't make market!Good luck, see you soon!x