Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Wedding Bag for Kirsty

The Finished Bag

Last year at the Country Living Fair I met Brenda who enthused about my Cup Cake Tea Cosies. She mentioned her daughter Kirsty was getting married in 2009 and that her wedding cake was being made up of lots of little fairy cakes. Brenda asked if I would consider making a wedding bag for Kirsty with a Fairy cake on the front, of course I said yes.

The Happy Couple - look at those fab shoes!

Brenda contacted me in February this year and confirmed that Kirsty wanted me to make her a handbag for her wedding. She sent me a picture of Kirsty from the waist down with her dress and amazing red shoes on and a picture of one of the Butterfly cakes she was going to use as the wedding cake, sitting in a little red polka dot cake case.

I could see right away this wasn't to be a traditional white wedding so after some discussion about colours I set to work.

Once I had the bag made - which was the easy part - I spent a while trying to create a knitted fairy cake - the kind with the 'butterfly' wings, which was not as easy as it looks! A cup cake is simple - put a cherry on top and every one knows instantly what it is to be. Kirstys cakes had butter icing so I knitted a tube and layered it to look like it had been squeezed out of an icing bag. The little butterfly wings were simple enough as was the cake case. I finished it of with lots of little clear glass beads to represent a dusting of icing sugar, and the polka dots to the case were red sequins.

I then put a brooch clasp on the back so that Kirsty could take it off the bag as she wanted to be able to use the handbag after the wedding - although I think the cake is sightly abstract so wouldn't look too out of place as a daytime brooch.

Kirsty also bought some of my Bunnies as favours and made them all little handbags from some of the material she had left over from her bunting then put Thank you notes in them - so sweet and such a good idea.I really enjoyed making the handbag, even more so because it was for Kirstys wedding. It's so nice to think I have been part of such a special day.

I often make on-off handbags (look out for a bag for Tracey soon) as commissions, they are such good fun to make as it's nice to deviate from my main range. And when the bag is made, you know there wont be another like it. Being the designer and maker allows me to offer this service, something you wont find on the high street.

We are off up to Findhorn tomorrow for the Easter break - back on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy the Easter weekend!


Rebecca said...

Wow - what a gorgeous bag Lynne! - it looks fab against her polkadot dress!!! Very 1950s. I know how nice it can be do something different from your regular range! Commissions are great,and they always feel that little bit more special!

caireen said...

what a nice post... and I love her alternative look - hurrah for originality x have a lovely time in Findhorn

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a lovely bag both visually and to hold and touch.

Brenda said...

Love your blog! The bag was VERY MUCH admired at the wedding, and at the school where I work when it arrived. My bunny is very happy on my pillow, wearing the wee bag Kirsty made and the spotty button she made too.

Hope you enjoyed Findhorn - my parents lived in Forres and the first thing we did every time we visited them when Kirsty and her brother were wee was to go for a walk along the beach at Findhorn.

Brenda (Kirsty's Mum)