Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sand , sea and sunshine

We've just returned from spending five fabulous days in Firdhorn on the Moray Coast. It will be nearly twenty years ago that I first visited with my boyfriend - who is now my husband - and every time we stay it seems as if the sun shines just for us.

This Easter was no exception, it was so warm our boy managed a few dips in the sea - the above picture was before he threw caution - and his shorts - to the wind whilst shouting 'This is totally awesome - woohoo'. Very cute and funny for a four year old - but it summed it up what we were thinking too.

Have a look at Karons blog for some lovely pictures of the village itself.

If you ever have a weekend to spare it is certainly worth the visit.


Pipany said...

Beautiful pictures, though it is still chilly isn't it? Note the gritted teeth in my pictures! Still love that wedding bag x

Primrose Hill said...

Findhorn is such a wonderful little place and the beach is just amazing, we've been twice in the last month, long story though!

suzanne said...

I have only visited once but it is a truely original and inspiring place.

Calico Kate said...

That looks stunning - but Sooooo cold!