Monday, 6 July 2009

Craft Fair or Not Craft Fair? - that is the question.....

I don't do a lot of craft fairs. I keep up the local one at Killearn and the rest I am beginning to be a bit choosy about. There is nothing worse than turning up to an event and not even selling enough to cover your table cost - it's soul destroying and always casts the seed of doubt - why does no one want to buy my wares - are they not good enough???! Don't you know how much effort I put into knitting a sheep!!

We (fellow makers) have deliberated numerous times as to what makes a good fair, how to get the right people through the door.

Since taking a stall at the Wee Green Market in Killearn, I have managed to strike up some solid friendships with a bunch of lovely and like minded girls. One question we have asked ourselves is what would be our ideal 'fair', and long have we pondered and wished our crafting time away on what would be our perfect day.

So we have decided to take our Craft Fair Future firmly in our hands. This Saturday sees some of us going West to Inver Cottage near Loch Fyne. I met Jasmine and Joe at the Scottish Trade Fair in January and they are now one of my stockists. I managed to persuade my husband to take a drive to Inver Cottage for a wee day out with the family a couple of months ago, and I was simply delighted with the whole experience.

Firstly the drive is spectacular, the location stunning and the food - well our clean plates said it all. Jasmine and Joe have a huge amount of enthusiasm for their business, and it shows. And as usual I came away thinking 'This would be a good place to have an event'.

As I have mentioned before - if you don't ask, you don't get, so we did and we got.
We hope that Saturday will bring a slightly different experience to visitors. Only a few designers who have the time to tell you about their craft, the chance to sit back and enjoy lunch whilst looking out over the castle ruins. And if me and my friends 'happen' to enjoy ourselves into the bargain then all the better. When I think about it, it might just be an elaborate excuse for us all to have a day out...

Come along and meet myself, Caireen, Suzanne and Isobel.

Hope to see you there!


Bella Bheag said...

Lovely post Lynne! I haven't looked this much forward to an event - ever - and I have been attending craft fairs for years! The WGM brought us together and I feel very lucky to be sharing the day with such talented and lovely people, in an intimate and fantastic location. Although I hope to do well, that almost seems incidental. More, I am looking forward to spending the day amongst classy crafters in a classy joint! Four more sleeps!xx

suzanne said...

What can I say - Isobel has said it all!

Pipany said...

Hi Lynne. very interested to hear how this goes for you as I haven't heard anything really positive about fairs for a couple of years. There seems to be a real problem with the people coming through the doors not wanting to pay proper prices. Understandable I suppose as things are so hairy econimically speaking - lor', listen to me. Obviously getting up early didn't do a lot for my brain!!! xx

Jackie said...

I have experienced this feeling so many times. Avoid the village hall christmas crafts like th eplague..or the one in the local high school over the holidays. You will be competing with ladies who sew peg bags for fun and sell them for 50p.
The good ones I've done have been more Art open garden and an Arts Centre in a historic town. will you get much passing trade on Loch Fyne? I suppose holidaymakers are happy to part with their money. Good luck.