Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The All New Baboo Bear

I made a decision a few months ago - to give up being an architect and try my hand at running my own business doing what I love - creating and designing. So today was my long awaited first day of working for myself at home and it was bliss - a whole day of guilt free knitting! OK that doesn't sound too glamorous so I have decided my new job title should be Textile Designer - I work with textiles (wool) and design everything I make - so the title seems to fit.

It was a joy to have my wee boy popping in to my 'studio' to give me the occasional cuddle, and my husband did well with the tea making. I don't know how long that will last though!

For those that know me well, this has been a long time coming - I cant remember a time when I wasn't making something - so hopefully my new career will turn out to be my dream job. To celebrate I am giving away one of my new Baboo Bears. I've been working on these wee chaps for a couple of weeks now and I'm delighted with the result. They stand about 18 cm's high and are made from pure Scottish wool which I felt to make them nice and soft. The picture don't do them justice!

To win simply answer the following:- How many stitches do I knit to make a Baboo Bear? Answers by 12 noon on Friday 1st August please. Either leave a comment on my blog or e-mail me at info@my-baboo.co.uk. The person with the closest number will receive a Baboo Bear in the colour of their choice - Good Luck!

I've also been busy designing and making my new clutch bags - hope you like them!
I never thought I'd hear myself say this - but I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hmm....at a guess I reckon about 560 or so. I'm not a knitter so I've no idea if that is realistic or laughable! Love the new bears. All the very best with going pro. I never know what to call myself either. I suppose I'm a bit of a textile designer too :0)

Anonymous said...

Love the clutch bags! My bag got plenty of comments at the Grafton Races!
Good luck with your big career move, I know you will be a great sucess!
Lynne x

Knitting Nancy said...

Probably 400,all your things look so lovely.I am a keen knitter too,love the new clutch bags.I want one!!:)

Anonymous said...

Anna thinks it took 700 stiches to knit your new bears. See you this weekend. Jx

Frogdancer said...

Being a knitter, I know that even small things take a lot more stitches than one might think.
So my guess is... a gazillion. Or 2000. Or 4000.
Love the clutch bags.

My Baboo said...

Elizabeth has guessed 12459 stitches (via e-mail)

Good luck Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Lynne, as instructed! really i have no idea, so I'll guess at 1,240 stitches? probably completely wrong, but i think the Baboo Bears are super cute! Vx

Anonymous said...

hmm first time commenting on a blog so there you go. Right I say 1,056 stiches including the ears!!

Good luck Lynn
The Girls always ready to comment on new designs Mojitos to hand!

Kirsty said...

Firstly (like a Eurovision judge would say) may I congratulate you on your
amazing website and blog..what a woman!

Secondly, I'm sure I will embarrass myself with my guess for the comp, but
I hope it takes you 1200 stitches.

Over and out,

Kirsty x

Julie said...

hope I'm not too late to enter! I think it would take 1350 stitches to knit your bears.