Thursday, 10 July 2008

Haven't I seen your face before.......?

Today I joined Facebook to see pictures of an old friends wedding - I ended up accidentally inviting everyone on my contact list to be my 'friend' - oops! Funnily enough the bank hasn't responded yet.

I need to upload a picture of myself so I'm not a faceless name, and to satisfy the curiosity of others as to what I look like now. I've seen some blasts from the past that I probably wouldn't recognise if they passed on the street - but its good to see them happy and well.

Above are some faceless bunnies that I'm making for Homer in Aberfeldy. I'm also working on some new tea cosies for them.

Don't worry - the bunnies will get their faces, and I hope someone will love them enough to also give them names.

1 comment:

suzanne said...

I love Homer - I can see your stuff selling well there!