Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nananananananananana -

This is what I was up to yesterday in preparation for Halloween. Needless to say the boy has all but slept in it - still I think it will hold out for another few days.

I'm also delighted to say I will be exhibiting at the Green Gallery Christmas fair in December, so the pressure is still on. More wool is being delivered next week so I have plenty for new stock.

I must admit it was nice to do a bit of sewing for a change, only a few sheep and robins left to finish then all my hard work will be felted ready for the next stage.

The Wee Green Market in Killearn now has a web site listing the exhibitors. Have a look to see what great products are on offer (including my own).

I can see night falling already and its only four o'clock - when do children understand the clocks changing? I was woken at 5.30am this morning - oh the joys

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