Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Good things come in small packages...

It's funny how television and the media distort your perception of things, particularly when it comes to size. Why am I mentioning this? Last night my sister and I went to see Bryan Adams at the SECC in Glasgow - and he's only little! I always thought he was about 6'.

What a brilliant concert. He must have sang about fifteen songs, all the oldies (Heaven) and a few new ones. We were right at the front and could almost touch him. Ah how I love to scream like a teenager, my voice has almost recovered.

My sister and I have done well for live music this year. We still have Simple Minds to see in December at the ABC in Glasgow - only 1200 tickets so it should be lovely and intimate. I always like to see my pop idols close up.

Some other exciting news - it snowed last night at my sisters in Perthshire, so we can now officially start the countdown to Christmas without feeling too guilty.

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Josie-Mary said...

Blimey...you got very close!! My sister has been to see him a few times & she's said he's very small but very handsome!!
Anyway found you through Vanessa & thought I'd say hello. Great blog - love the post cards :)