Sunday, 12 October 2008

Work In Progress

I've always wanted to type 'WIP'. It took me a while to work out what it stood for. Above is a picture of my WIP - this weeks activity, sewing handbags ready for felting. They look a bit saggy around the edges, that's why I love felting them, it takes them one step closer to the quality that I strive to achieve with every item I make.

It's also good to see the bags as a 'collection'. I think the colours work well together and hopefully there is a style that will suit most tastes.

When I knitted as a hobby I would experiment with different styles and colour combinations, (you can see this on my gallery page on my website) making every bag different. However I think having too many styles and colours would be confusing for a buyer, especially if I want my CL stand to have a bit of an impact. Less is definitely more.

A neighbour had mentioned seeing a shop window in Glasgow last week where they only displayed one handbag in the window. I cant afford to have just one item on show at CL, but hopefully reducing the colours I use to a limited pallet will create a more refined image. I also like the idea of having a collection, sounds very professional!

I'm increasingly realising that making lots of different things in the hope that one of the items will be a hit isn't the way to go. I'm much happier making styles that I know are well received and ensure that I am making them to the highest quality I can.

Practice makes perfect!

(incidentally WIP is also Women In Property - a networking forum for women in property and construction, from my previous life as an architect)

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Jackie said...

Oh Thank you for drawing me in..your bags are gorgeous. AAAARRGHH! Another compulsive blog! Please forgive me if you don't see me often enough...I am having such a difficult time keeping up with my lovely virtual friends, and now you have just become another.