Monday, 6 October 2008

Tell me why I don't like Mondays....

Today has been a comedy of errors and it has tainted my festive mood somewhat.

After achieving only one sale at the Wee Green Market on Saturday, I managed to knit a fair amount of stock yesterday, even with a bit of a hangover.

Then Monday morning came around. I opened the curtains to check the weather and noticed my vegetable patch and herb garden looked very tidy. My husband did some tidying up yesterday and has lifted half of my perennial herbs.

Strike one.

Then the telephone rang and it was the Nursery teacher enquiring if I had compiled my list of 'Things to Do' for the Balfron Nursery News Letter - "No problem" I said, "it's finished and I'll pop it onto my memory stick and you can down load it at school when I come to pick the boy up." However my husband managed to delete it, never to be found again.

Strike two.

The mums were round this morning and we had tea from my bargain buy '"What a lovely set" they all said. Next minute I hear the dishes being dried in the kitchen, lo and behold my husband manages to chip the lid of the milk jug.

Strike three.

So off I huff to do some knitting. I'm whizzing away on my machine when all of a sudden the tension dial pops off. I now think my world has ended.

Four strikes and I'm out.

OK, I managed to fix the machine so all is not lost. The husband is making dinner and he will be off to start his night shift soon, out of harms (and my) way.

Above is a picture of one of my Christmas Tree decorations - maybe it is too early for the 'C' word.

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Jane said...

Oh Bummer said Dougal!
I sold only amaryllis bulbs on Saturday - I don't think the good people of Killearn are ready for Christmas yet!
If its any consolation, I have just managed to print out booklets with half the pages upside down (and magenta ink is running low . . . )
Tuesday will be better!