Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What's in a word?

No pictures today, just some words.

I've had a productive couple of days knitting mostly tea and coffee pot cosies. Although I finally had to admit defeat and phone the shop where I bought my knitting machine and explain that the tension control had broken - Superglue just ain't what it used to be.

So it was packed and sent off to Edinburgh today and hopefully a replacement will be winging its way to me in the next week or so. David Drummond on Haymarket Terrace was the retailer, and he even offered to refund my postage, what a good service.

So today was spent sewing some of the items I have been frantically knitting. I get a real sense of satisfaction when I see things begin to take shape.

Yesterday I visited the school nursery to meet with one of the primary teachers to discuss the nursery 'values'. Myself, another parent and the nursery staff were to list five values that were important to us. Thinking of five words doesn't seem too difficult but when put on the spot the pressure of saying the right thing can mean the difference of sounding a good or a bad mother.

In the end I felt it was a bit of a 'tick box' exercise to keep the dreaded Inspectors happy, as we ended up using the 'values' of the primary school and simplified them so a three year old could grasp their meaning:-

Working together
Looking after each other
Listening to each other

Although the way my darling boy was behaving today I don't think he has a grasp on any of the above!

The joys of parenting.

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