Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Technology and tatties

I'm being a thoroughly modern mum and typing this on the lap top as I watch over the dinner bubbling away on the cooker - thank goodness for modern technology.

This week has been a bit quiet on the making front as husband is on day shift and I am on child duties. So it has been a few grabbed hours of work here and there.

I managed to deliver my order of Baboo bears, sheep and knitting kits to the PostHouse Gallery on Tuesday. They are starting to put their Christmas stock out and I couldn't resist an old fashioned box of Tiddly Winks for the boy. They had also just received an order of biscuit jewellery - custard cream necklaces and Jammie Dodger cuff links - fab.

Today I spent helping Luci decrypt her sewing machine (without instructions). It has a digital display which threw me immediately, but we were delighted when the correct button was pressed and a chain of flowers was produced. Much more technical than my machine which you could drop from a high bridge and it would still work.

I allowed myself ten minutes of sitting in the sunshine (at present its chucking down hail stones) this afternoon after the nursery run.

The tatties are boiling so I'm off to give my four year old eating machine his dinner, don't you feel all the better for knowing that? - The joys of blogging.

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